Matt Ellis

Matt is one of my snow goose guides. He has been guiding waterfowl hunters for many years.  He has a great personality and is a lot of fun to be around.  His dog’s name is Spurley and he loves to hunt just as much as Matt.  He enjoys getting to know his clients. 

Randy Toale

Randy has a positive attitude and is very fun to be around, clients love his personality.  He is very experienced hunting and guiding for snows an has been with us the longest.  He is dedicated to BRGS and will go out of his way for a successful hunt for his clients.  We are very happy to still have him with us.

Dustin Uetz

Dustin has been hunting with us since he was 18 years old.  In 2012 he started guiding snow geese for us.  He brings energy and youth to the BRGS team and has been a great addition.  He will do his best to see that our clients have a great hunt.

Rick Stevens

Rick has hunted snow geese with me since 1997, the year I started guiding.  He continued to add more and more hunting days each year, so I decided to hire him!!  He gets along great with our more seasoned (older) clients.  He is a very experienced hunter and takes great care of our clients. 

“Motel Matt”

“Trapper ”

Mike Chumley

Mike has been a snow goose fanatic for many years.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have hunted with him numerous times.  We are lucky to have him on board.  He’s a great guy to be around and very fun to hunt with.  He loves to crappie fish and we love to eat them!!

“The Kid”

Finding a good guide is extremely difficult, finding 6 like I have is next to impossible!  BRGS is at the top of the competition because of the experience, competence, and professionalism my guides possess.  Along with providing the best hunt to our ability you will leave with new friends.


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The Original Tornado Chasers!

Tony Toye is your Professional Waterfowl Guide

Big River Guide Service LLCAbout BRGS Guides


Joe is one of my other river guides.  He works full-time for the WI DNR and is well versed with his quarry.  Joe is extremely personable and will do his very best in providing you with a successful hunt.

Joe Vandehey

“Just Joe”